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Victoria, B.C. Canada
V8V 3P3
Tel 250-294-6714   Fax 250-294-6713
 Specializing in the treatment of opiate addiction utilizing methadone and buprenorphine
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1.  How do I apply for treatment?  You will need to come to the clinic and talk with one of our staff.  Pre-treatment urine drugs testing and blood tests are mandatory before commencing treatment.  An assessment by one of our physicians to determine treatment suitability is performed to try and come up with suitable treatment options.  Treatment can be started on the same day as assessment.  Same day addiction services treatment also available at the Rapid Access Addictions Clinic at 1119 Pembroke Street.
2.  Is there any cost?  You should have valid provincial medical insurance to cover the cost of physicians visits and necessary testing.  There are no additional "clinic fees".

3.  What is involved in treatment?  Once assessed by a physician suitable patients will require ongoing follow-up with their treating physicians every 1-2 weeks.  Urine drug screens are required during treatment and may be requested on a "random" basis.  Medication is dispensed to the patient daily at a pharmacy and is witnessed daily until such a time that the patient is deemed stable by the treating physician.

4.  How about opiate assisted detoxification?  Relapse rates are extremely high after short term treatment and such treatment is better accomplished at an inpatient detox facility.  We would advise going to the provincial alcohol and drug services treatment clinic located at 1119 Pembroke Street to discuss inpatient treatment.   Same day addiction service are also available at the Rapid Access Addictions Clinic at 1119 Pembroke Street.  

5.  Do you prescribe methadone for pain?  No, we do not have expertise in this area.

6.  Do I need a referral for treatment?  No a referral is not necessary.